Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anyway Project - November Wrap-up

Well i didn't get everything done that I planned, but I'm keeping honest to myself and putting it in writing here. One of my overall goals of this Anyway project is to get more things done on a consistent basis.

DI - Clean my bedroom closet - I'm going to call this done for now. There is more that could be done, but it will be later. Build the shed - didn't happen, and now that winter has arrived for real, it won't be getting done until spring. The old shed, with no door will be used instead for storage for the winter.

HE - This is an ongoing task, we will continue it into Dec.

RC - Window quilts - Not done. Excuse - I sew by hand, very meditative, relaxing, soothing, but it is slow. Based on comments and research determined that plastic will most likely not help since there are no drafts. I am working on sourcing the large bubble rap at an affordable price.

CIS - Garden bed - Cardboard is down, being held there by bricks, that will be all until next spring. Herbs - Ack, I forgot about them. I will plant them tonight.

FC - Taking seed planting class in Feb.

OW - Worked no overtime this month. It was difficult but I did it anyways. The thanksgiving weekend was nice. I did think about logging into work several times during the 4-day weekend, but didn't.

TH - Sessions are scheduled for every 2 weeks, with practice as homework in between. Meditation is HARD, but it's suppose to get easier the longer you do it.

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