Friday, November 19, 2010

Anyway project - November, Week 2

I haven't gotten very far on any of my November items, but I do still have another 1.5 weeks.

DI - Clean my bedroom closet - There is a path now, but I haven't went through all the boxes yet. Build the shed - unfortunately not started. Going to try again this weekend to get it done.

HE - Discussions have started.

RC - Window quilts - Started cutting up material scraps/old clothes/sheets. No work done on the window plastic.

CIS - Garden bed - I have the cardboard to start the bottom of this bed lasagna style but no other work done. Herbs - planning to plant when I return from my business trip.

FC - Looked online at classes and decided on a seed planting class in Feb.

OW - I managed to only have 40 hours for last week and this week, but I have had one day off in each of those week, so still some long days. Next week, no days over 8 hours.

TH - I did start the sessions. I had to skip this week as I was traveling for work. My session is set up for next week.

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