Friday, August 1, 2008


Warning - gross bodily functions discussed in this post.

I had lap band surgery a year ago, it's a type of weight loss surgery. I did really well for the first 3 months. Then my youngest, Bitbe, had a very serious car accident. She's fine now, but I have really struggled with getting back on the program. I haven't gained any weight, which at least is good. Anyways, with Chili's Discretionary Eating I was way excited to get back to eating well again.

So lunch today was carrots, cheese and cottage cheese. Somewhat odd I know, but I really like all those things. So I'm munching on carrots and reading blogs....and then....the feeling. I didn't chew well enough. One of the things after WLS, you have to chew, chew, chew your food. Also smaller bites, and smaller portions (my stomach can only hold about 1 cup of food if it's dense food). Things like ice cream, chips, cookies, etc, can flow right through, so you can eat more than you should plus they have a lot of calories.

So, I'm hopeful that a few burps and I'll be fine. Then my boss walks in, so now I'm trying to be discreet, and not really burping. Next thing I know, I'm sliming.

For those of you that don't know what sliming is, it's your mouth producing copious amount of saliva. And you can't swallow it, because stuff is already stuck down there and swallowing it will only make it worse. Then the foaming started. Foaming is your stomach's response to being in distress. And since there isn't room for it to stay there, it starts coming up in the burps.

Long story short, or maybe short story long depending on your feelings about bodily function descriptions, I dealt with it for an hour at work, if you can call shutting my office door and spitting slime and foam into my empty coffee cup. Then decided to go home sick. Actually vomited twice while driving home, and then spent another hour at home miserable.

Carrots, for god's sake, carrots!

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