Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The First Post

So, I think that if blog my quest for a "simple" life, that it will help me. So here is this blog. I have been working on this simple thing for just a few months so far, and I find myself confused a lot of the time, yet small little things do help me remember that my small steps I'm taking do add up and will make a difference in my life.

Today I had a little success. Everything I wore to work today had been line dried. The last month I've been working on line drying more things. But working full time it requires more forethought. I have to either remember to put a load in before bed, to then hang out before work. Or get up early enough for a load to wash and for me to hang it out before leaving in the morning.

Now a wash load only takes 30 mins so how you say can I not have enough time in the morning. Well it's simple. 1) I hate mornings 99% of the time. My brain doesn't really wake up until 10-ish regardless of when I get up. 2) My morning routine has been simplified for many years. I can get up, shower, get ready and leave for work in 15 minutes if pushed and in 30 minutes easily.

Hanging out a load adds 10-15 mins to my morning routine. I'm hoping to get faster at hanging out laundry as I do it more, but for now, it's 10-15 mins.

But still it was a nice feeling when I realized that I was wearing all things I had line dried.

More later.

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