Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Farmer's Market

Stopped at a farmer's market tonight. I've been to all of them at this location this year. It's nice seeing the different veggies and fruit each vendor has had. You get to know the vendors, they get to know you.

The bread guy, who we've bought a different kind of bread each week, gave us a free loaf this week. Not sure if he remembered us, or he heard me say to Thaxiss, "Which bread do you want this week?" and figured that were going to buy a loaf from him every week, or he just picks x number of people to give a free item to each week. We were the only ones at the stand at the time, which usually isn't the case so maybe it was just situational. Whatever the reason, the result... all natural, local made garlic focacia and sourdough bread will be enjoyed this week.

I've been thinking about the veggies/foods we eat and it's pretty limited. Same things over and over, not much of a rotation. So I have decided that I will buy and prepare at least one never tried before food each week. For the rest of the farmer's markets season, it will be a new veggie or fruit each week.

This week is turnips. I've never eaten a turnip, nor had Thax. I also have absolutely no idea what to do with it. So I'll be searching the net a bit later for how to fix the turnips for tomorrow night's supper.

I have also found a place to purchase fresh eggs, and we stopped there and got eggs tonight as well. I very productful local eating endeavor today.


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