Monday, September 1, 2008

Stressed Out!

So the last 2 days I've been making a conscious effort to try and de-stress. Taking lots of breaks between doing things, doing things that are relaxing to me. So yesterday mid-afternoon I was feeling pretty good. I felt relaxed and content. I thought my stressed out reactions to stimuli had left. I was wrong.
Cooking, just that one simple thing that every person does thousands of times. I don't like to cook much, but I hadn't in 3 days, the kids made their own or we had take-out. So last night we had bacon cheeseburgers and boiled new potatoes, green beans were also on the menu but never got made since I was stressed and I'm the only one who would have ate them anyways. I got so stressed out cooking. I think it was the trying to time everything to get done at the same time(they didn't). Anyways half way through cooking it all, I just wanted to scream!!! At someone, at myself, at the stove. I did snap at TJ and he apologized even though he hadn't done anything wrong...I said no apology, I'm the one who's stressed you are fine. Once the bacon was finished he took over and finished up the burgers and I sat down and de-stressed a bit.
How can a half-hour of cooking totally undo 2 days worth of relaxation?

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